New from Dr. Sprouse! – Your Environmental Minute

Dr. Adrienne Sprouse

Dr. Adrienne Sprouse

I am pleased to be a part of an exciting new venture on the internet. It’s called YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL MINUTE.

The subject of the ENVIRONMENT has been a hot topic for decades. Lately, increased levels of air pollution and health issues such as asthma, diabetes and lung disease have been in the headlines. And because of Super Storm Sandy, MOLD has brought environmental illness to the forefront of our consciousness. Attempts to access reliable information on the internet usually lead to endless mounds of data, often too much for anyone to sift through. In response to this problem,  the Creative Team of the up-coming docu-drama “Passion and Poison– The Vindication Of Vincent Van Gogh” has launched YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL MINUTE, a simple, easy-to-understand video series on Youtube that highlights  major issues of environmental illness.

Directed by Frank Zagottis and produced by Mario E. Sprouse, YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL MINUTE introduces the field of Environmental Medicine and shows how you can live a cleaner and healthier life by learning how common environmental triggers can  cause a multitude of illnesses you may never have suspected. Additional concise 60-second segments will be aired every two weeks and will explore topics including sick building syndrome, seasonal allergies, asthma, air fresheners, gas stoves, ADD, and other timely issues.

Finally~ Environmental Medicine explained in a way that’s easy, simple, and informative!

See Your Environmental Minute 1 at

See Your Environmental Minute 2 – “Cooking With Gas” at


For more information about  “Passion and Poison – The Vindication of Vincent Van Gogh” go to


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